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Samsung Virus Doctor

Retail Price
RM 799.00

Shipping Cost
RM 38.00

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- Eliminates the airborne virus & bacteria
- Neutralizes the harmful active oxygen
- Eradicates allergens causing allergy

SPi, the answer to keep you safe from air contamination
The SPi technology helps develop clean indoor air quality by eliminating biological contaminants and by neutralizing the OH - radicals. The unique environment-friendly technology of SPi surpasses that of previous air purifiers. While purifiers simply filter the inducted air, SPi emits active hydrogen and oxygen ions into the air inhibiting infection by airborne viruses and destroying airborne bacteria, fungi and allergens for a much cleaner, healthier environment.

Neutralization of active oxygen radical.
OH-radical can cause aging and skin diseases. Hiroshima University’s test verified that the active oxygen concentration level decreased significantly by the SPi-generated active hydrogen atom (H) which reacts with the active oxygen (OH-radical) to form a water molecule.

SPi protects you
Contaminated Indoor Environment With people spending more time indoors, the sick house and sick building syndrome have become real problems. Eliminates harmful substances efficiently SPi (Samsung Super Plasma ion) is a unique technology developed by Samsung which eliminates harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, and fungi from living rooms, offices, car interiors, and other closed environments, providing a healthy and comfortable environment. World-renowned technology SPi has been acknowledged by Korean, Japanese, British, and other research institutions to have the best bacterial eradication ability and Samsung products mounted with SPi are recognised all over the world.

Design the pure world.
Samsung’s cutting edge technology has brought you the revolutionary air purifying device. Keep the healthy life of you and your family with the SPi.

Effective sterilization
The SPi device generates active hydrogen and oxygen ions which eliminate biological contaminants and active oxygen. The process of eliminating the harmful substances is completely harmless to human body and SPi improves the air quality

Room Size 10 m²
24 Highnoise Level (dB)
17 Low noise Level (dB)
General Feature
Design pink
Air Flow Control Step High / Low
Display soft touch / LED

Electrical Data
2.5 W Low Power consumption / 4 W High Power consumption
Physical Specification
96 x 255mm Net Dimension

Warranty : 1 Year

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*Bids (3 bids)RM 4.50
PriceRM 3.40
SavingsRM 791.10
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