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Won by pytang2016!
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*Closing Price = 5,564.00

DJI Spark Mini Drone

Retail Price
RM 2,999.00

Shipping Cost
RM 38.00

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francisnad92 - 23:18:23
sulaimanmohd - 23:16:24
DJI Spark Mini Drone
Warranty : 1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty

Flight Time: 16min
Transmission Distance: 1.2MI (2 KM)
Speed: 50KM/H
VPS range: 30M
Gimbal: 2-Axis
Effective Pixels: 12MP
Video Resolution: FHD - 1920 x 1080 30p
No pilot training required: Spark is easy to learn right out of the box and comes ready to fly
Built for agility: Lightweight, aerodynamic design allows this compact mini drone to fly through the air with minimal wind resistance
Smart recognition: Thanks to FaceAware technology, Spark turns on when it recognizes you and takes off from the palm of your hand -- it even returns when you call it
Flying is for everyone: TapFly lets you direct the drone to fly in any direction with a simple tap without the need of a remote controller
QuickShot: This Intelligent Flight Mode triggers Spark to ascend, fly backwards and upward, circle around, or spiral around its subject

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Retail PriceRM 2,999.00
*Bids (8 bids)RM 12.00
PriceRM 31.00
SavingsRM 2,956.00
* based on 1.50 per bid
The “worth up to” price reflects the manufacturer’s recommended retail price or typical high street retail price