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Edifier S730

Retail Price
RM 1,299.00

Shipping Cost
RM 38.00

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Edifier S730
Warranty : 1 year

With 300 watts of pure power and a generous 10" subwoofer, the award-winning S730 creates smooth, dynamic audio. The 2.1 speaker system combines contemporary design and incredible sonic performance, earning it a coveted iF Design Award.

Impressive treble and superior bass
S730's high and mid range delivers smooth, dynamic sound. The 10-inch subwoofer is equipped with passive radiators on both sides. The remote control features separate bass and treble adjustment capabilities, so your music can be tuned to be as unique as you.

Style statement
S730’s trusted technology is housed in wooden medium-density fibreboard (MDF) enclosures. And the satellites are completed with piano finish. The contemporary design never goes out of style, making S730 a stylish addition to any décor in your home or office.

Wired and wireless controls
You can effortlessly adjust the settings on S730 with wired or wireless remote controls. The wired remote features a 2.5-inch LCD display and a dimmer. The lightweight, multifunctional wireless remote is another bonus, letting you control your music while you roam around the room.

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Retail PriceRM 1,299.00
*Bids (139 bids)RM 208.50
PriceRM 430.29
SavingsRM 660.21
* based on 1.50 per bid
The “worth up to” price reflects the manufacturer’s recommended retail price or typical high street retail price