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FAQ: About uBid

1). What is

Welcome to! Here, everybody can bid for their favorite’s gadgets and products at very attractive and affordable price. Every day we list and sell brand new top-name products like Apple iPhone, Sharp LED TVs and Asus Eee PC at incredibly low prices in biddings that start at just 1 cent with no reserve.

Here's how it works:

   1. A bid is raised by one cent at a time and all bid start at RM0.00.

   2. Register yourself and buy some bids. Bids cost start from RM1.45 to RM2.00 each and are sold in packs of 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, and 500. Buying more bids will help you enjoy more saving.

   3. Place your bid on your targeted products then each bid you placed will increase by RM0.01.

   4. There is a countdown time in every product bidding and they range from 15 sec – 2 minutes (depending on auction). The timer will reset if there’s a new bid has been made. When the timer reaches zero and no new bid is placed by any bidder, the bidding will closed and the last bidder will wins the right to buy the product at the current price.

   5. You  can option to "Buy Now" where can Fast Grab the product. Please refer to "How to Buy Now" for details

2). How do I get started?

To get started on, go to the Sign up page and follow the steps:

   1. Enter your personal information, contact number and address.
      You will need to use your full name and address.

   2. Enter your email address
      You need to enter a valid email address that you can check and activate your account at immediately. We’ll also use this email address to notify you when you've won an item, and to provide additional information such as exciting promotions and special events.

   3. Choose a username and password
      You will use your username and password every time you login to

   4. Read and accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
      You must accept the agreement and policy to continue registering.

3). Is this a Lottery?

No, is not a lottery or any other form of gaming, Ubid auction do not contain any random element.

Since the outcome of every auction depends on how many bids a bidder is prepared to place, our auctions contain no element of chance. It is possible for a bidder to win any auction provided that the bidder is prepared to place enough bids

Of course, the cost of bids can add up and we encourage our users to exercise common sense when placing bids. You Should aslo keep in mind that winning an auction is not the same as winning a prize. The person placing the bid is bound to purcahse the product at the last bid price reached.

4). Are the products being sold second hand?

All products sold are brand new and come from respected manufacturers. All products come with relevant warranties wherever applicable.

5). I don’t live in Malaysia can I still participate in

No, currently is currently for Malaysia residents only but we will be expanding our present in South East Asia countries soon.