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FAQ: Autobid (Bidky)

1). What is “Bidky”? How does it work?

One of uBid's functionalities is a so called “Bidky”, an automated bid assistant. It bids automatically for you when you are unavailable to observe the uBid auctions in person. Only registered users can use the “Bidky” tool.

“Bidky” is a very simple tool to use:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the blue "Bidky" button in your member controls
  3. Click on the green "Start Auto Bid" button
  4. Select the product that you want to place the “Bidky” on
  5. Place the maximum number of bids you want to use and submit
  6. To remove a “Bidky”, simply click at the red “Stop Auto Bid” button. You can use ‘Bidky’ when you don’t have the time to follow the auction live all the time but still don’t want to waste your chance to win the item.

You can set ‘Bidky’ to make a bid for you some seconds before the countdown ends to increase your chance of winning. You can adjust all settings as you please – set item price floor and price ceiling within which you want ‘Bidky’ to make bids for you. Also, set the maximum number of bids that you are willing to make for the auction. ‘Bidky’ settings can be changed as you wish at any time you want.

For an upcoming auction ‘Bidky’ can be activated at any time before the auction starts. For a live ongoing auction ‘Bidky’ can be activated within the latest 5 seconds before countdown reaches zero. If you wish to make a bid within the last 5 seconds of the countdown you need to place it manually (i.e. without ‘Bidky’ function). *Please be attentive that when you are buying new bids, your ‘Bidky’ settings will not change. If you want to extend ‘Bidky’ with newly bought bids, you also need to refresh your set ‘Bidky’ bids.