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FAQ: Bank in Cash

What is "bank in" ?


Now you choose to use Bank-In purchase option to buy bids at , this option is for user using cash bank in to buy bids.





How does it works ?


You just need to click the green "Bank In" button when buying bids.

You will get the instruction as this :


Follow by 3 simple steps to complete your purchase:

1. Bank in the amount of purchased according to the bank account no & name stated in the purchase screen / email

2. Write down your Order ID # on your bank in slip

3. You can choose to fax your bank in slip at 04-3800501 OR email us at [email protected] to confirm your purchase



Please take note that the bank in purchase method only applicable during office hour (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm exclude public holidays)

For user bank in at weekend or public holiday will get their bids on next working day.