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FAQ: Buy Now

1). How does "Buy Now" Works?

With the "Buy Now" option, you will never have to walk away empty-handed. You have the opportunity to buy the item in the auction using 100% (Yes, we are not kidding you) value of the bids you have placed on the item.

An auction item can only be "Buy Now" by 1 bidder. If a bidder successfully "Buy Now" now he or she will not be able to bid the particular auction item. Other bidders are still eligible to bid but will now not able to "Buy Now". The auction will continue uninterrupted for all other bidders.

If you place a "Bidky" on the auction item and decide to "
Buy Now", the Bidky will automatically stop and the remaining Bidky bids will return to your bid account.

Buy Now" gives you an option to purchase the product by paying the difference between the value of your spent bids in that auction and the product value.

Bidders are not allow to "Buy Now" if the auction closed.

    * Screen Shot 
Sample of Buy Now Option


2). What if I Spend more bids that the price of the auction item and decide to "Buy Now"?

What are you waiting for, act fast and "Buy Now" before some other bidder grabs it because you will only need to pay the shipping cost. Ubid does not credit back excess bid when the difference between the value of your spent bids and the product value.

The "
Buy Now" option may be available on some of our auctions.