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FAQ: Cash Rewards

The Cash Rewards is introduced to encourage you to share more with friends. So start to invite friends and become their referrals!


1) How to earn cash rewards?

Cash reward will be given to you when your friend do the following activities:

  • you earn RM2 when your friend BUY BIDS (regardless of the bid package)

  • you earn RM1 when your friend WIN an auction

  • you earn RM0.01 every time your friend bid (include Bidky)


2) How to use cash rewards?

You can use the cash for all purchases in uBid, include buying bids, buy now, and buy winning item. When you have enough cash to spend on the purchase / buy, you will see this popup. Select "OK" to use your Cash Rewards for the purchase.

Please note that currently the Cash Reward canot be used for partial purchase, you must have equal or more cash rewards than the purchase price.


3) Can I cash out my rewards?

Yes you can! When you accumulated RM250 and above you can send in the cash out request. You will receive the pay out by check. To Cash Out, just click the Cash Out button under your Cash Rewards box.


4) How do I invite friends?

After login, go to the invite friends page and enter your friends' email addresses. When they sign up to uBid form your invitation, you become their referral!



5) How do I know I am invited by who?

After login, go to your Profile page, and look under the Referral section, you will see your friend's name.

If your referral is not yet set, you can click the Set Friend link to set it by their email address. Please take note that once you set it cannot be changed.