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FAQ: How to bid

1). What happens if at a brand new auction only one bid is being submitted and nobody else raises the bid?

The auction closes and the product is sold for one cent.

2). Can I undo submitted bids?

No, submitted bids cannot be undone.

3). Can I bid for the same product more than once?

Definitely! There is no limit to how many bids that are submitted on the same product. The more you bid, the more likely you may "out-bid" other bidders.

4). Can I bid for many products at the same time?

Yes, there are no such limitations….as long as you have the bids in your account.

5). Can I increase the bid by more than one cent?

In order to keep prices attractive, we only allow one cent increases.

6). Is bidding 24 hours? will at times have night auctions that run through the night, 24hrs. This is for those users that would like bid on exciting auctions during the night. Stay Tune on to check out the latest nights auctions. They sometimes come on a short notice!

Auctions running into the early morning will be paused for a short time, usually about 15 minutes, while server backups are done. These are usually scheduled for 5:30AM or 6:30AM

7). What are auction hours? What happens if I am the last bidder at the end of the day?

Auctions are only live during our operation time which is from 10 a.m – 12 a.m (except for those items which have 24 hours auction time). Outside of this timeframe the auction will be paused: the auction clock will not count down, and no new bids can be placed. Only at the appropriate time the next day the auction will resume and people may continue to bid. The last bidder will be listed as the highest bidder throughout the night, but anyone may place a counterbid in the morning when the auction resumes.

8). I just won an auction! What’s next?

When time zero and it no one else bid than you win !! You will see the message "You Win"
* If system show "You Lead" means you are temporary leading for the auction, you are not winning yet, still have other member placed the Bidky for it.

Congratulations on your win!! will send a message to your mailbox and do click the link in the mail to claim your won item. The auction end price and delivery costs will be paid for by the winner. The auction end price is the price you pay for the item won on that auction. The retail price is the price the manufacturer’s suggested price.

Please remember that you have 3 days to pay for your won auction or else the item will be removed from your account.

Once payment successful, our product delivery team will contact you to confirm the shipping address. Once confirm, they will prepare and ship the item(s) to you. Currently, SKYNET & NATIONWIDE are our products shipper. Do allow 1-2 weeks delivery period. As for the free bids won, we will send you the activation code via mail and once you received the letter, please check the activation code and send us the code back at [email protected] to claim the free bids. Please also be reminded that if you send in the picture ( Face & Item visible ) with your won item(s), you will entitle get RM10 Jusco Gift Voucher(effective from 1 Aug 2012). More questions? Please contact us at [email protected]

9). Why does the auction timer show “Waiting” just before closing or resetting?

It is in’s interest (as well as in all Bidky’ interest) to make sure that every auction is closed securely and accurately. As the timer reaches zero the technical platform, on which runs, sends the server a request to make sure that no other bids have been received. During this time the user sees “Waiting” instead of the auction timer. The duration, for which the user sees “Waiting” on his/her screen, is dependent on the user’s CPU and the internet connection.

10). How do I purchase bids?

You can purchase bids in packages using a credit card, e-payment ,bank transfer or bank in cash. We use MOLPay ( NBEPay ) for the secure processing of all payments. Please note, all purchases are final and non-refundable. All transactions take place under highly secured SSL connection using 128/256 bit encryption by MOLPay ( NBEPay ) . All credit card details will not be entered nor stored into our database and they cannot be seen by any of our staff.

How to purchase bids with Internet Banking? View Here

* MOLPay is our appointed online payment solution provider and “MOLPay” name will be shown on cardholders statement.

11). Do I get my bids back if I do not win an auction?

No, bids will not be credited back to your account whether you win the auction or not.

12). What I should not do on uBid?

Do not start bidding without having read the responsible bidding guide. It is very important to have a bidding budget and to follow it systematically.

Be careful when using the Auto-bid function. Plan and execute the auto bidding strategy with care.

13). Auction limits

A user can win a maximum of 2 products a day and 12 products per 30 day rolling period.

Example: Should a user win 12 products in a 25 day period, he cannot bid for the 5 next days. Once the 30 day rolling window (observation period) has elapsed the user is allowed to bid again.