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FAQ: How to Win Bonanza?

uBid Bonanza is a special event we run every month, where we give out HUGE PRIZE to bidder for FREE! To participate in the Bonanza, all you have to do is bid on any item available in the site. 


1. How many winners for the Bonanza!

Every month number of winners is different, need to update to follow our bonanza that month.


2. Every BID count! Only the most consistent bidders win!

The NEW Bonanza is designed to reward the most consistent bidder!

When the Bonanza start, all the bids started at that time will be accounted as bonanza bids. When the price counter in Bonanza reaches the Closing Price, the Bonanza ends, and the bidders with the MOST* bids between this time period, WIN the Bonanza prize! 

Your Ranking will be counted based on the total bids you have put into the available auction items. The more you bids, the faster your Rank will increase!

This is the Bonanza Counter

When Bonanza is running, uBid will display your current ranking and the no of bids you need to achieve higher rank. 

Keep an eye on the counter and plan your bids strategy to WIN!



Every click on the Bid Now increases the Bonanza counter by 0.05, until it reaches the Winning Jackpot Price



3. How to know if i have won?

When the Bonanza ends, the #1, #2 and #3 Ranked member will win the prize and announced as "Won by XXX". 


Once the Current Price reaches the Winning Jackpot Price, the counter will freeze and a WINNER is born!


Terms and Conditions

  1. If there is a tie (same no of bids) the winner will be as according to system's calculation.
  2. You will be contacted within 2 weeks after the bonanza ended for the prize arrangements.
  3. All prizes CANNOT be converted into cash.
  4. All prizes CANNOT be change to others item.
  5. Prizes related to booking date CANNOT be changed once agreed.